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Welcome to FFT Remediation

FFT Remedieation capabilities are a direct off-shoot from the very successful FFT Wastewater "FOG FREE" products (FOG standing for Fat, Oils & Grease). All FFT Technology products are environmentally sensitive products made from 100% plant materials and no harmful residuals..

Nature's Solution for Remediation

It should not be surprising to learn that Mother Nature provides an elegant solution to one of man's largest environmental blunders: oil spills. Nature's solution is bio-degradation.

FFT has emulated natures solution developing a product that is plant based, toxin free and organically cleans up oil spills.

FFT Solution® transforms crude oil into fine particles to promote bio-degradation of the oil both on the shore and in the ocean. This 100% organic solution has been tested using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. FFT Solution's application for oil spill remediation has proven effective and safe for use in ocean environments worldwide. Safe for the crews working the cleanup and safe for the local flora & Fauna

This safe and natural product is available for immediate, widespread and rapid deployment in a wide variety of oil clean up scenarios. FFT Solution is available for shipping from the manufacturer in rapidly scalable quantity and may be shipped in concentrated form to save shipping costs.

FFT Solution is listed with the EPA.
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FFT Remediation



How it works

  • Completely organic; no heavy metals, bacteria, enzymes or phosphates
  • pH neutral to help balance crude oil / seawater toxic mix
  • Organically transforms insoluble crude oil mass to water soluble elements
  • Combines environmentally safe, toxic free components to keep oceans clean
  • penetrates and separates crude oil into individual hydrocarbons
  • Prevents particle recombination, accelerates bio-degeneration
  • Natural bacteria will bio-degrade crude oil, cleaning the environment
  • Increases oceanic food source by enhancing natural microbe population


Comparing FFT Solution with the traditional remediation process

HOW we clean up oil spills is important!
FFT Solution is a 100% bio-renewable solution containing no dangerous chemical compounds.
FFT Remediation


Small Sampling of the Facts

  • Washington Post (4/15) Chemicals used in BP Oil cleanup capable of injuring people & wildlife
  • Mother Jones (4/15) Big Oil Uses Toxic Chemicals to Clean Up Spills.
  • Live Science (11/12) Dispersant Makes Oil 52 Times More Toxic


Compare for yourself

Manufacturers provide information on products. The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is intended to provide workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling or working with that substance in a safe manner, and includes information such as physical data (melting point, boiling point, flash point, etc.), toxicity,health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill-handling procedures.

Following links to the FFT Solution MSDS and Corexit MSDS. (an advanced degree in Chemestry is not required for the difference to be obvious)


FFT Technologies Product Divisions

Each of the FFT Technology product divisions listed below provide solutions based on our plant based technologies and each are providing more value per dollar than traditional solutions. The links below will bring you to the other product divisions.